Which is the absolute best loan? Do you have something best in test? Answer: Yes we do best in testing all loans we list on Enmerkar and then we have sorted them into different categories. What we do is we take our very unique statistics that we have received since the start in 2010.

We are one of Sweden’s largest financial blogs and therefore have access to completely unique statistics. If we take the best loan broker for example. Then you can go to the Best loan broker’s guide and there we have sorted out the 3 best loan brokers by first looking at which loan broker is most popular with our visitors after they have read one of our guides on loan brokers.

Best Loans? 

Best Loans? 

Then we have obtained the 3 most popular loans. But that does not have to mean that it is the best loan for it and that is why we have sorted the 3 most popular loans according to what rating and ratings it has received from our visitors. Then we have obtained a really good top 3 over all loan intermediaries. And since the start in 2010, our visitors seem more than happy with this way of getting the best loans.

We reset many of the leaderboards every Monday and we don’t write anything else. For example, we also have compiled top lists of the year, month and so on. But then we write it clearly and clearly. So we have the best ones here in testing all the loans we list. Mortgage brokers, bank loans, sms loans, fast loans, other small loans, car loans, yes all types of loans. We have also done these tests on subcategories for these main categories. For example, among all fast loans without UC you can see the best loan there too.

Best loan brokers

Best loan brokers

Best Loan Brokers is a site where we do a best in loan broker testing with our visitors. We want to find the loan broker that produces the best loans and has the most banks.

Content in the Best Loan Wizard

This is a menu of all the headings in the Best Loan Wizard. This way you can easily click through to each chapter by reading the headings and not having to read things you are not looking for right now. We want you to find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

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Summary of Best Loans


Best Loans is a guide where we summarize all our guides where we produce the best loans in different categories of loans. We simply pass on the best fast loans, best loan brokers and so on. SO you should be able to find the loan you are looking for and find what is best for you.